Anti-Humidity Hairspray? Don’t Be Fooled.

My hair always loses its battle with humidity.  I can spend 30-45 minutes on blow drying, curling, and/or velcro-rolling my locks, and in a matter of minutes after stepping outside my style is gone.  Garnier thinks they have solved the problem.

Garnier claims that this hairspray will keep your style “even in 90% humidity!”

garnier hairspray

In my first blog post,, I discussed the differences between relative humidity and dew point.  Remember that the dew point, not relative humidity, is the best measure of how much moisture is in the air (when it comes to human comfort).  The relative humidity can be 90% but it doesn’t feel gross outside.  On the other hand, the relative humidity can be just 60% and it can oppressive outside.

Let me give an example.

Let’s say that location A has a temperature of 45 degrees with a dew point of 43.  Location A’s relative humidity is 92%.  Location B has a temperature of 90 degrees with a dew point of 75.  Location B’s relative humidity is 61%.  Even though location A has a higher relative humidity (92%), it does not feel sticky or humid there.  However, if you are in location B, you are melting even though the relative humidity is just 61%.  (See for more info on relative humidity.)

So what’s the point?  If you are in location B where the relative humidity is just 61%, then you might think that this hairspray will save your hair from the humidity.  61% is certainly less than 90% after all.  But you would be wrong.  If the dew point is 75 degrees, then it does not matter that your relative humidity is less than 90%.  Your hair is still going to frizz.  Sorry.  In location A, however, where the relative humidity is 92%, your hair still has a shot at being fabulous (if you don’t get rained on) because the dew point is just 43 degrees.

The verdict is in.  This “anti-humidity” hairspray is kind of a gimmick.  I say ‘kind of’ because hairspray, in general, helps seal out moisture.  All hairsprays do that.  To claim that your hairspray works even in up to 90% humidity means nothing.  Now, if a hairspray can keep my style when the dew point is 70+… That would be worth investing in.

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