More Bad Hair Days Than Good Ones?

Each day (well, almost) I put up my “Bad Hair Day Cities”   Basically, if the dew point is over 55 degrees, then it is a bad hair day (for me anyway).  I often joke that, living in Houston, I have more bad hair days than good ones.  So, I decided to find out if that is true.  I got some daily average dew point data from NOAA’s NCDC (National Climatic Data Center).

The data are from 1981-2010 and they are hourly daily averages of the dew point.  That means the dataset has 365 rows and 24 columns.  This corresponds to 365 days and 24 hours in each day.  (Leap years are not accounted for here.)  I decided to plot the average daily dew point at the 7 o’clock hour (7 a.m.).  This is when I feel many ladies are doing their hair.  (However, the graph doesn’t really change if we plot a different hour.)

The plot below has the day of the year on the x-axis (365 days) and the average dew point (for each day) on the y-axis.  The horizontal black dashed line is drawn at 55 degrees (where my hair begins to detect the moisture).

average dew points

Looking at the graph, Houston’s (pink line) bad hair season begins around the end of March and lasts through mid November.  This means that around 65-70% of the days in the year are ‘bad hair days’ (on average, of course).  I suppose I do have more bad hair days than good ones!

I plotted a few other randomly-chosen cities along with Houston.  (If you want to see your city plotted, just post a comment below and I can make that happen. )

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