Hot, cold… it is all relative!

Yippee! We got a cold front!  We woke up to temps in the 40s and 50s.  Considering it has been nearly a month since temperatures have been this low, it feels cold to us.

Is is -40 degrees?  No.  Is it snowing?  No.  Will your fingers fall off if you stay outside too long?  Nah.

Hot/cold is relative!

It is interesting being a TV meteorologist on days like today.  Natives and locals are telling me they are “FREEZING” while transplants and vacationers are telling me “it’s NOT cold.”

If I say it’s cold, people criticize me.  If I say it’s cool, people don’t like that either.

While 40s and 50s feels cold to us, many people would ‘not be able to handle’ a summer here.

We average about 75 days a year above 90 degrees.

In some areas of the country, just a couple of days above 90 is excessive.

Let’s use New York as an example.

New York’s Office of Emergency Management defines a heat wave as 3 consecutive days above 90 degrees. NWS issues a heat advisory for New York City when the heat index is forecast to be between 95-99 for two consecutive days. (

A temp of 90 and a dew point of 75 gives you a heat index of 101.  That is pretty common here in the summer.  (Use the heat index calculator for yourself

num days above 90

I’m NOT hating on New York.  It is just a good example of how hot and cold is relative!

I used R & ggplot2 to generate this plot. 🙂

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