Positive vs. negative actions on Facebook page

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring with the Rfacebook package (Facebook analysis package created for R). Everyday I explore different “insights” that Facebook offers.

I have noticed our station posting an absurd amount (2-5x an hour) on Facebook, so I wondered if it was irritating the followers.

Now, I did not run any statistical tests – these are just graphical displays.  However, there does appear to be a sharp increase in the number of people taking ‘negative actions’ on our page since May.

(I did have to normalize the y-axis so that these two variables could be compared side-by-side. The y-axis number is pretty meaningless now, but the trend line still has meaning.)

I know what you are thinking – the increase in negative actions probably corresponds to the increase in followers over the six-month period.  I’m sure this has something to do with it, however, I was a little surprised by the sharper upward trend on negative actions.

Both appear to be cyclical which is also pretty interesting. Maybe for another exploration 🙂

negative and positve actions

One thought on “Positive vs. negative actions on Facebook page

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  1. Positive people only read, while negative ones are more inclined to react. So while you have more followers there is also more to react one which makes the negative reaction higher.

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