Exploratory analysis of hurricane data

I have been doing a lot of exploration with ggplot2 and my hurricane dataset.

This map was made using some code I posted previously. I just added some additional stuff to make this specific plot.  You will have to go through the entire data collection process from the previous post in order to append this code below.

data <- read.csv("C:/Documents and Settings/165180/Desktop/code/hurricane.csv") #you will have to get this through the previous post!
data$name.year <- paste(data$year, data$name)


map <- get_map(location = c(lon = -80, lat = 30), zoom = 4)
p <- ggmap(map)

july <- data[data$month == 7, ]

july$type <- rep(0, nrow(july))

july$type[which(july$STAT == "HURRICANE-1" | july$STAT == "HURRICANE-2" | july$STAT == "HURRICANE-3" | july$STAT == "HURRICANE-4")] <- "HURRICANE"

ddply(july, .(name.year), function(x){any(x == "HURRICANE")})

#I want the stat to be either hurricane or x. so I can plot.
july$STAT <- revalue(july$STAT, c("DEPRESSION (ESTIMATE"="x", "DISSIPATED"="x",
"LOW" = "x",
"TROPICAL WAVE" = "x", "XXX" = "x"))

cbPalette <- c("#d4b9da", "#91003f", "#df65b0", "#e7298a", "#F0E442", "#0072B2", "#D55E00", "#CC79A7")
p + geom_path(data = july, aes(LON, LAT, group = name.year), size = 1, col="grey") +
geom_point(data = july, aes(LON, LAT, col = STAT), pch=18, size = 4) +
scale_colour_manual(values=cbPalette) +
ggtitle("July storms since 1851") +
theme(plot.title = element_text(size = rel(2)))

july storms

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