La la la Lisa

As I’m writing this, the next name on the hurricane list is Lisa.  So naturally I wanted to see the history of “Lisa” and other “L” named storms.

Since 1950 we’ve had only 22 L storms.  We just don’t always make it to the L name! Since we are already on the K name (Karl), and we still have 2.5 months to go, I definitely think we will get Lisa.  I just pray it’s a fish storm and floats on up the central Atlantic. I have a good friend named Katrina… and she never stops hearing about it. No disrespect to the thousands impacted by Katrina, but I’d rather not have my name tied to a devastating hurricane!!!

Texas has never been directly impacted by an L storm:

Hurdat2 data

There is this stupid blob (area of low pressure) in the Gulf off the coast of Galveston. Convection has been getting going this morning. But it has only a minimal chance at becoming a depression. For one thing – wind shear appears too high.  But anyway, still something we won’t be ignoring.  What seems most likely is just rain this weekend in Houston and SE Texas.


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