The Sewing Meteorologist



Thanks for the article Yahoo!

I have been sewing my own clothes for over 10 years, and I frequently post them to my social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

I got the idea for the cloud dress after I saw Savannah Guthrie from the Today Show wearing a cloud-printed dress. Since I cannot afford designer clothes, I bought some cloud fabric on Etsy, and, using an old Landsend dress as a pattern, I made my own cloud dress.

It is a big misconception that folks on local TV make tons of money. There is a small percentage of ‘ballers’ at the very top, but many local reporters and meteorologists across the country make $20k – $30k at their first TV job (in 2017).

Also, clothing is not provided; we buy our own. There are no “hair and makeup people” – we do all that crap. You get really good and fast at doing your makeup at 3am. Please don’t think I’m complaining or being ungrateful. I simply want to clear up some common misconceptions.

So anywho, I enjoy making my own clothes, because I can have a fabulous dress for usually around $20.

And to address the comments like “so what?? lots of people sew. this isn’t news.”  Yes indeed plenty of folks sew. I am not the only seamstress in the world, nor am I the greatest by far.

I think the story is neat for a lot of reasons, but mainly it shows that we can have multiple ‘talents’ or hobbies outside of our defined, rigid careers titles.

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  1. Lisa, I was already a fan. I am now an even bigger fan to learn you sew! 🤗 We can re-create whatever inspires us, for far less and exactly how we want it!! 💃💃💃

  2. I think your fabulous! I read your article in sewnews and i loved it! I read it over and over- you give inspiration to alot people for being a multitalented- i think its great that you make your own clothes and you are on tv..i only wish you did the weather in st.louis.

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