A Selfie a Day – My NASA Talk

Yep, you read that correctly. I recently gave the keynote address at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston for their Data Science Day, and the premise was (believe it or not) selfies. No, I cannot even believe they wanted ME to talk. I certainly felt honored to be among some super smart folks, and I... Continue Reading →

La la la Lisa

As I'm writing this, the next name on the hurricane list is Lisa.  So naturally I wanted to see the history of "Lisa" and other "L" named storms. Since 1950 we've had only 22 L storms.  We just don't always make it to the L name! Since we are already on the K name (Karl),... Continue Reading →

Weather surface plots with R

  This code will help you make surface temperature (or dew point) plots. It is designed for the state of Florida, but with some modifications, you can use a different state. I know, I know... Comic Sans is a bit bubbly, and maybe a tad unprofessional. But, this plot is cute, and it was meant... Continue Reading →

How to program a Twitter bot

I have made many "Tweet bots" over the last year, but I'm just now getting around to sharing. One of the simplest ones I have created is the "current conditions" auto-tweet. It  simply scrapes the weather observation data from the NWS website and then tweets it out. I have the R script set up to... Continue Reading →

Exploratory analysis of hurricane data

I have been doing a lot of exploration with ggplot2 and my hurricane dataset. This map was made using some code I posted previously. I just added some additional stuff to make this specific plot.  You will have to go through the entire data collection process from the previous post in order to append this... Continue Reading →

Facebook data PCA

  I wanted to do this exploration because I have noticed some posts get a huge reach with very few shares/likes/comments.  I have also noticed some posts have a large number of shares/likes/comments but reach a small number of people. I did principal component analysis on Facebook data from our last 2,000 posts (4/16/2015 - 7/7/2015).  Principal... Continue Reading →

Positive vs. negative actions on Facebook page

I've been doing a lot of exploring with the Rfacebook package (Facebook analysis package created for R). Everyday I explore different "insights" that Facebook offers. I have noticed our station posting an absurd amount (2-5x an hour) on Facebook, so I wondered if it was irritating the followers. Now, I did not run any statistical tests... Continue Reading →

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