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Facebook data PCA

  I wanted to do this exploration because I have noticed some posts get a huge reach with very few shares/likes/comments.  I have also noticed some posts have a large number of shares/likes/comments but reach a small number of people. I did principal component analysis on Facebook data from our last 2,000 posts (4/16/2015 - 7/7/2015).  Principal... Continue Reading →

Positive vs. negative actions on Facebook page

I've been doing a lot of exploring with the Rfacebook package (Facebook analysis package created for R). Everyday I explore different "insights" that Facebook offers. I have noticed our station posting an absurd amount (2-5x an hour) on Facebook, so I wondered if it was irritating the followers. Now, I did not run any statistical tests... Continue Reading →

May tropical storms since 1851

Ana became our first named storm of the season on 5/8/2015 as a 'subtropical' storm, but then transitioned into a 'tropical' storm two days later. Atlantic Hurricane Season hasn't officially started! It runs June 1st to November 31st, but that doesn't mean we can't get storms outside of hurricane season.  We can get a tropical cyclone in any month... Continue Reading →

Wordcloud from Facebook comments

On 3/28/2015 our news station (WPTV) posted about Obama coming to visit South Florida. Posts about the president always get plenty of negative comments, so I thought it would be fun to display them in a word cloud. It's interesting when we get a bunch of "who cares" comments on a story. By taking the time to type out... Continue Reading →

Are people watching Facebook videos?

I was interested in whether or not people actually watch videos that we (news people) post on Facebook. I had a feeling that videos get a lot of views because they are auto-played. Below are 4 videos I analyzed. It is a video we post each morning, and it recaps the morning's top news stories.  I... Continue Reading →

Hot, cold… it is all relative!

Yippee! We got a cold front!  We woke up to temps in the 40s and 50s.  Considering it has been nearly a month since temperatures have been this low, it feels cold to us. Is is -40 degrees?  No.  Is it snowing?  No.  Will your fingers fall off if you stay outside too long?  Nah. Hot/cold is... Continue Reading →

Warm New Year’s Eve for West Palm

We'll ring in 2015 with warm and muggy weather, but I wanted to know what our average is for New Year's Eve. We're forecasting a high of 79 on NYE and a low around 66. So - not too much above our average. (These data are from 1938 to 2013.)

Will. Snow. Tuesday.

Generating a word cloud from forecast discussions can pretty much sum up the weather story. With a strong cold front moving through the country today, I wanted to look at some of the coldest cities. This wordcloud is created using forecast discussions from 11/9/2014 to today (11/12/2014). Will. Snow. Tuesday.

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