It’s 57 degrees INSIDE the studio! I suppose it is better than hot and sweaty… haha!


3.25.2018 Full weather on the ‘full-body’ greenscreen (versus the big monitor).


Rocking my homemade throwback Astros skirt for our Astros Home Opener April 2018 – 12PM newscast with Tom Zizka.



“Pi Day” fun – March 14, 2018. Reciting pi to a few decimal places.


Houston’s ice storm of 2018 – out live in “the field” (aka frozen tundra).



Behind the scenes video the day after Thanksgiving. I don’t mind working holidays, because my coworkers are always jolly and in a good mood. 🙂

Live outside the watch party at Minute Maid Park before game 6 of the World Series. The actual game was in L.A. But 40K people showed up to watch the game in Houston at Minute Maid!

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